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LOPA (Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency) is the federally designated organ and tissue recovery organization for the state of Louisiana. From facilitating donation and transplantation to providing resources to grieving families. LOPA works to make sure every gift of donation has the greatest impact.

DONATION Saves Lives

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LOPA’s organ and tissue recovery teams, along with community education, hospital development and family services, are essential to its core purpose of MAKING LIFE HAPPEN. The fact is that one donor has the potential to save eight lives. And, with more than 114,000 people on the national transplant waiting list, the need for organs is critical. An average of 144 people are added to the list each day. Unfortunately 20 patients on that list will die during that same time period due to lack of organs available for transplant.

Agency Leadership

Kelly Ranum, CEO
Kyle Hagan, COO
Chrissy Hagan, CAO
Joey Boudreaux, CCO
Max Prather, CIO